An important part of our work are „spearhead projects“. We work out manuals and action guidances for public sector clients and also industrial clients. For example the manual for the recording of asbestos building materials (BOSCH) "Leitfaden zur Erfassung asbesthaltiger Bausubstanz".
We also created the "course book contaminated sites" (Kursbuch Altlasten) and the guidance note "valuation of contaminated land" (Wertermittlung kontaminierter Flächen) for the authority of Baden-Württemberg.
Other large-scale projects for public sector clients are project supervisions for the quantification of contaminated sites in different large districts.Over several thousand single sites are thereby risk-evaluated, comparable with Enviromental Due Diligence.
Our assessment of old landfills and industrial sites can be distinguished into the following steps: recording, investigation, evaluation and safeguarding/remediation.
Beyond that, we examine sites on soil and groundwater pollutants, work out risk evaluations, develop economical remediation strategies and draw up land and real estate valuations for financial reportings or lending purposes.

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